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Monday, July 03, 2006
  New painting Acrylic

"Aurora borealis above the trees "
6 by 6 & 3/4 inches on masonite board*

*Colors may be slightly different then those on screen
Saturday, July 01, 2006
  Collage: Rain falling

raincollage Made stuff, originally uploaded by emily999.

  Collage: Rain puddles

This is a watercolor and collage painting. 8 by 10 on 300lb watercolor paper. I'm doing a series of collage pieces. I create the collage effect by painting scraps of paper with acrylic paint and cutting them out in the desired shapes. What I liked best about creating this piece was air drying the colored sheets on a windy day...they blew off the line and flew about the porch like a colorful tornado!
  Twisted Woman 2 by 2 ft Acrylic/Watercolor
  Red Forest painting 4 by 2 feet acrylic
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 I am an artist who creates in different mediums...collage, watercolor, fabric and paper mache. I enjoy taking ideas and making them real. It makes me feel very Velveteen Rabbit like. ;) 

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